Prices starting from 50 EUR (+ shipment worldwide: 18 EUR)

1. Send an email with the drawing to info [at] It can be either a scan or a photo. Write your child’s name and age. 

2. If you want, you can add a detailed description of the colors and other details (e.g. that yellow should be, in fact, gold; small dots or pink sequins should be shiny, etc.). Include important information, if any, for instance: the toy is to be made for a small child and cannot contain small parts, such as buttons, etc.

3. If you want, you can choose the exact size of the toy. Standard size is approximately 45-50 cm.

4. Free of charge and without any obligations, I will let you know the price and estimated delivery time for your plush toy. The price depends on the complexity and type of the materials used as well as – to some extent – the size of the toy. Delivery time also depends on the project and on how busy we currently are in our workshop.

5. After reviewing your order, you will receive the account number and once you’ve made the payment, your order will be ready to be created. I accept PayPal payments.

6. After the set deadline, I will pack it and ship it to you. Packages are always registered and sent by regular mail, either economic or priority. I ship worldwide.

If you want to contact me – I am at your disposal under the email address:

Maja Mencel //